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Watching soccer on a mobile device

Over the last 2 decades I've done a mental check: "am I able to watch a soccer game on my mobile device?". For 20 years, that was a pipedream but I realize now watching a live game online is now a reality.

Twenty years ago, in 1991, text messages were the best one could hope for: a text message if the game results were known was fancy.

Later, liveblogs became a real thing and cell phones had the ability to follow those starting about 10 years ago.

It was only three years ago, when I was in the metro after a game when I tried to watch a real-time feed of ESPN, and while it kind of worked, it was choppy and not a good experience.

This weekend, in rural Virginia, I was able to watch a game on my Pixel 3 phone, in very good quality, going through a VPN in the Netherlands (for Dutch commentary). Very cool.

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