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America give me a chance!

I'm still slogging through the complete works of Plato and it is getting boring. So I read "America give me a chance!", a hundred-year old book by a Dutch immigrant, Edward W. Bok. I didn't know much about him at all, but this is an interesting auto-biography. Edward met so many famous people in his life time, including several Presidents. His life work was editing a lady journal, and he's a gifted author.

It's a sympathetic story, of a Dutch immigrant who, at 6 years old, moves from Den Helder to Brooklyn with his parents who lost money in the stock market. Mr Bok describes his child hood and career, which is good to read.

A jarring thing is his attitude to women -- he doesn't even believe in a right to vote, and the book constantly talks about "men" and "boys" as if women don't exist.

I bought this book on a whim, ten years ago in Durham, when I bought several Dutch-American books from Abebooks.

Edward W. Bok

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