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Working with Leo

Working with the kids on their Dutch is my happy place -- it is so rewarding to teach them and a great bonding experience. Leo is slowly stopping his naps, and he's kind of ready to start "working" with me.

Nora finished kern 10 today -- two more to go and she'll have completed Veilig Leren Lezen. She used her new Loco Maxi for the first time today.

Leo slept for a full hour, which is relatively short, but when he woke up he was fresh. I took him downstairs and we started working together for the first time. He did 3 Loco's, 3 Bobo worksheets and now he's working on the iPod with the Juf Jannie apps.

Adrian shows no signs of stopping his naps yet (good for him!). He's done several Bobo worksheets too but we haven't really had much time to work together yet. All in due time.

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