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Leo and Adrian first day of pre-K

Leo and Adrian went to pre-K for the first time today. Their first visit was 1 hour long, from 9.30 am to 10.30 am. We brought them, hand in hand.

We had told them in the morning (which was a hectic morning since Nora has a cold), and they reacted quite well.

When it was time to put their boots on, Adrian said goodbye to his toys: "Dag, ik ga naar school, ik ga leren lezen".

Leo, while talking, had some doubt. "Papa ik ben nog niet helemaal groot". I agreed but explained that there were kids at school that needed Leo's help. That worked, and he said he was going to teach them how to "een ei met de schil snijden".

The drop-off involved some tears from both of them but was quick and efficient.

An hour later we picked them up. Adrian: "het was heel leuk op school!" "Er was ook een helper en die vroeg iets maar dat wist ik niet" (he couldn't understand her). When we were outside, a girl looked out of the window of Adrian's class and waived at him. He waived back.

Leo had a more difficult time. Jean explained that he had cried for quite a bit, but afterwards calmed down so we gave him some more time and picked him up a little later.

Later Adrian shared that he had made a tower ("welke kleur? blauw!" -- de toren is roze haha). He also said: "Juf Leslie zegt dat ik nooit met de boerderij mag spelen!" -- de boerderij is aantrekkelijk maar wordt gebruikt om te leren lezen.


Stoer, hoor!

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