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Nora left for Bulgaria today -- all by herself. She is flying as an unaccompanied minor for the first time, a big step for all of us.

I brought her to the airport today and after check-in we went to the gate together. When we spoke to the service agent there Nora said, when asked, "I'm six... and a half".

She wasn't scared at all, just a little excited. When boarding started, she was the very first person on the plane. When the steward took her, she smiled and ran back at me for one more hug, and then she left.

The flight had a bit of a delay due to weather, so I waited a while at the gate until the flight departed. She'll arrive in Frankfurt in a few hours, and then in Bulgaria around 8.00 am EST tomorrow.


And she safely arrived, she is in the car with Dyado and Baba now.

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