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Boys are talking

It feels like things are easier now. The boys are slightly more independent, and need us less frequently for basic stuff like picking up fallen items. They also talk more and more, which is wonderful. They are so cute!

Leo likes the routine we have for going to bed. First brushing of the teeth, slokje water, then potty, the hands, schone toet and then voorlezen.

This afternoon I skipped a step and he corrected me: Ik heb niet water gedrinkt. Ik gaan zelf!

When the boys are discussing something, they are so funny. Here is an excerpt of what they discussed in the car today -- listen to the whole conversation (MP3).

Leo: "Adrian zegt sleepwagen! Kiepwagen is dat!"
Adrian: "Geen kiepwagen."

Nora vraagt heel diplomatiek: "Leo had het een bak erachter?" "Leo: kiepwagen. Ja een bak." Adrian: "ja, het was een bakker".

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