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A compromise about the tree

In our hearts we wanted a big Christmas tree, in our minds we knew that's not optimal with two-year old twins in the house.

Last year we had a small table top model that the boys couldn't reach, which was safer but not quite as nice. This year we compromised and got a medium sized tree, which is actually very nice. It was much easier to carry and set up, for one thing, and it's just as pretty.

The kids were very excited about having a tree, and on Monday night we went to Home Depot together to buy one. The electric saw there made a big impression.

Over the next few days we've been setting it up and decorating it, and we're pretty much done now. There's a good chance one or two of the decorations will break in the next few days, but that's a price worth paying. In any case I've been having repeated discussions with the boys about appropriate behavior towards the tree. "Mag je aan de boom trekken? Nee! Mag je de boom aaien? Ja."

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