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Halloween shopping

On the door of the Halloween store a sign said "for kid-friendly route, follow green arrows". I walked with the three kids through the automatic doors and just as I was thinking "ah yeah, that makes sense, a kid-friendly route might be good for these little kids..." -- an enormous crying started left and right of me.

Right at the entrance there was a "animated crawling zombie" prop on the floor and it came crawling straight at us, making a lot of noise and with shiny red eyes. We ran out of the store and took cover. I felt bad for the guys but it was very funny too. It took several minutes, lots of cuddles and an assurance that the doll was gone before we could go back in.

We succeeded in buying a Halloween costume -- a shopping trip the boys won't quickly forget.

Nora wanted to be a fairy ("fee") but we couldn't really find that, so instead she is a princess now. Last weekend at a birthday party I heard her talking with her friend Graham about being fairy, and when we came home she said that she'll tell Eli that she'll be a princess instead.

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