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Kids on an urban bike ride

During dinner Leo and Adrian kept saying they wanted to go on the bakfiets. Sasha was staying late at work so after dinner Jaap and Mieke helped to get them ready and we went of for a bikeride. Often we'll go to a store, but last night I just drove them around a bit.

We lucked out -- there was a fire alarm at one of the high rises near Virginia Square so there were lots of firetrucks. Thankfully it was a false alarm but the cars and fireman were very interesting for the kids.

Then on to Clarendon, where we saw the bakfiets from Bike Arlington with two ladies who had been doing outreach.

The kids were watching the world go by and having fun. It made me realize they are growing up to be real Arlington kids, living on the border between suburbia and the urban R-B corridor.

Sasha came with the elevator -- much to Adrian's surprise -- and after being reunited, Sasha and Adrian walked home together -- but not after trying the elevator once more.

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