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With Opa & Oma

The boys and my parents are very comfortable with each other. When Leo and Adrian wake up, they don't call for me but yell "Oma! Oma!" instead. Which works for me since I get to sleep a little longer.

Oma has a lot of patience, which is good when the boys are having breakfast. They have a routine figured where the first half of the breakfast is independent -- but the second half is with Oma reading a book.

After breakfast they usually go the playground or the grocery store, and have lunch around noon follow by a nap. They are really happy with the fruithapje when they wake up.

Their Dutch is improving significantly. Of course, they are learning appropriate and non-appropriate words alike so Adrian is fond of saying "oh jee!" now. When they count objects, they'll say: "een auto, twee auto's... allemaal auto's".

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