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Twin boys and our living room

The boys are no longer happy in their playpen -- they want to explore the whole room.

Here are some of the changes we have made in our living room.

Things we have changed

Of course there are gates everywhere.

The coffee table was one of the first things to go -- the boys used to play on the carpet when they couldn't crawl yet and it's still a favorite play area. We had the coffee table behind the sofa for a long time until the guys managed to climb onto it.

I created a wooden contraption to force the small doors to the kitchen open. Too much of a temptation for little hands otherwise. Nora doesn't like it, but it's a lot safer this way.

The speakers for our sound system, the ones that I'm so happy about with the cables in the wall? Yeah, they are gone too.

This plant is better off outside. Also, there are big stones in the pot -- stones that Leo liked to crawl around with.

Things we haven't changed (yet)

The boys love shaking these standing lights. They are the only reading lights we have so we don't want to put them away. We'll see how long that lasts.

At the other hand, the pink chairs definitely need to go. Adrian learned how to climb on them.

So far the boys haven't been able to climb on the sofa (though they try).

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