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The American future: a history

I received a book by Simon Schama for my birthday, but it is difficult to read a physical book while feeding a baby a bottle so I looked for an electronic version. I didn't find the exact same book but instead I read "The American future" and it was a great read.

Mr. Schama writes beautifully and covered a wide swath of American history in the big book. I was familiar with most of it, but he uses interesting characters to color the history. He wrote this book while doing a TV show about the 2008 elections it seems. That is where the weak point of this book shows up: Mr. Schama is trying to hard to give a historic interpretation to that election. Now, almost exactly 8 years later, it is clear that this was way too ambitious. Frankly speaking, historians should constrain themselves when writing about current events -- even though I'm sympathetic to Mr. Schama's liberal points-of-view.

Nevertheless, a great book.

Simon Schama

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