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Jaap and Mieke left

We said goodbye this morning to my parents, after five wonderful weeks together. They looked after Leo and Adrian for the first three weeks and then Nora joined their gang. Her Dutch was a little shaky the first few days but she quickly found her mo-yo back. Every morning there would be two new books from Oma on the living room table.

Yesterday my father baked another apple pie -- the fourth one in a month -- and we had sushi for dinner.

I always have a lump in my throat when saying goodbye but this time it was quite literal. My parents like to try various fruits and this morning we cut a "jack fruit". I tried a small piece and it tasted good; a little like melon. It tickled a bit in my throat, just like pineapple sometimes does... and then my throat started swelling up. A weird feeling, but nothing too serious, thankfully.

Around noon I drove my parents to the airport and at Dulles we said goodbye. Nora came with me which was nice.

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