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Snow, snow, snow

It's been cold and snowy weather the whole week of Leo and Adrian's life. Yesterday there was a big snowstorm again.

At 7.30 pm, just as we were preparing Sasha's birthday dinner, the power went off in our neighborhood. I was outside shoveling the snow when I saw three bright flashes in the sky. Most likely some electrical transformers exploded somewhere.

We have plenty of emergency lights and our dinner was ready, but the cold weather is scary without power since our heating is electric. The temperature dropped 3 degrees Fahrenheit in 45 minutes and I had visions about having to heat the house with the fireplace and having everybody sleep downstairs.

After a while one of our neighbors stopped by and offered us to stay at their place since they still had power, which was very kind.

Thankfully things were resolved in 45 minutes. Nora said: "papa was geschrokken!". Spot-on.

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