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Going home from the hospital

We came home from the hospital yesterday and we spent the first night together as a family of five.

Going home was stressful, and so was figuring out all the small details for the first time. In the car we worried when the boys were crying. "Why are they crying?!". Then when they stopped crying we were also worried. "Why are they not crying?!". Haha.

But in the evening we had time for a sit-down dinner together which was really nice.

Through the night the boys woke up several times and we're all getting used to us. One lesson we still remember from Nora: sleep when the babies sleep -- so we took our first nap at 9.00 pm.


Mooie ballonnen! wat vond Nora ervan?

Ziet er leuk uit!

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slaap als de baby's slapen is een belangrijke leefregel voor jonge ouders. Leuk die versieringen.

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