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Getting ready to leave the hospital

This is our last day in the hospital. The pediatrician came by this morning and the boys are doing well. Their weight was stable Tuesday night, and last night they even gained a bit of weight. Adrian has some jaundice but he is doing much better than yesterday.

Yesterday was a hectic day -- I had to go to Sibley early in the morning and traffic is just crazy. Today it took ame 45 minutes to get to the hospital. Leo and Adrian were born on a Sunday and Monday was President's Day followed by a low-traffic snow day, so we've been pretty lucky with traffic until now.

I went to sleep at 11.00 pm and fell asleep at once. Then I woke up at 5.00 am but told myself this would be the last full night in a loooong time so I went back to sleep.

Guus & Leo.

Guus & Adrian.



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