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The first 24 hours with Leo and Adrian

It's been an amazing first day with our boys. On the one of the coldest days in a long term, we drove to Georgetown Memorial Hospital. Leo was born first, and then Adrian. It is clear that they are fraternal twins, and not identical -- their faces are distinct!

Sasha is doing very well and walked around a little bit already. I am extremely proud of her -- two big baby boys. Like our doctor said: "she carried more than 6 kilograms of baby!"

Nora is at home with Lelya Snezha and had dinner with Ginny last night. I came home at 8.00 pm and put her in bed. She had skipped her nap so was cranky but we watched videos and photo's of the babies and she liked that.

I didn't sleep very well -- too excited! But we're all feeling great.

We are very thankful for all the help we've received and for all the nice messages from everyone.

The moment I'm writing this, the boys are asleep. They ate around 1.00 pm and after some fussing they drifted off. I put them together in a bassinet and they seem to like that. Their heads are touching each other, just like in the womb for the past few months.

During the pregnancy we noticed a big difference between "Baby A" (Leo) and "Baby B" (Adrian). Leo was very active and made big movements -- Adrian very peaceful and rarely moved. When we went for the ultrasound checkup, Adrian's part always took longer because he moved much less. And now they are sleeping together I can see the exact same thing. Adrian is blissfully asleep and hardly moves, but Leo moves all the time. He seems to be dreaming too -- his eyelids are fluttering.

Sleeping together.

Changing a diaper.




Adrian opening his eyes.

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