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A fighting chance

This is the first book I read in my effort to learn more about all major candidates for the 2016 Presidential elections.

I don't often read autobiographies but this book came up in a conversation over the summer and Ginny kindly lent me her copy.

Ms Warren is passionate, down-to-earth yet very knowledgeable. She is probably not going to run for the presidency yet -- but who knows? After Tuesday's mid-term elections she might think a little more about giving it a try -- her main potential competitors Clinton and Biden didn't do very well with their endorsements. At the other hand, she is really focused on financial reform and consumer protection but doesn't have much of a reputation in other fields. I don't mean to diminish that: her role is very valuable, but she is less of a politician and more of an expert. Probably not the most logical match for running for President.

In any case, I enjoyed reading this book.

Elizabeth Warren

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