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Traveling back to Arlington

Our flight left at 6.55 am from Schiphol, so we had to get up really early. We left home -- I mean, my parent's home -- at 4.00 am and were at the airport nicely on time.

The lady at the check-in counter was very friendly and let us check in the car seat for free, which meant that we could check in one of the small suitcases as well. That saved a lot of hassle. Over-all, we carried a lot of luggage: 50 kilogram (110 lbs) for checked-in, plus a big car seat, a stroller, a carry-on suitcase and some small items.

Check-in went quickly and we were done at 5.15 am. We had coffee at the arrival area since our usual spot at departures was still closed. Saying goodbye to my parents was sad.

We then went to the security check and wow! It went so smoothly and nicely. Schiphol is a great airport. We browsed a little bit in the Nijntje store and then went to the gate.

Our first flight was to Copenhagen, and we had a few hours of layover there. The airport there is pretty good also (with the exception of the bathrooms).

The second flight departed at 12:20 pm. In the waiting area we chatted with a small boy and at one point Nora told him in English: "Nora sleep in the plane". And before we were airborne she put her head in Sasha's lap and fell asleep, and slept for a solid three hours.

Later I took Nora for a walk through the plane, and one of the flight attendants gave her a game and a small book.

We landed at Dulles Airport and customs and immigration went smoothly. When we arrived a customs, a lady had already put all hour luggage on a cart.

Then we were home! Nora was especially happy to see Penka, her inflatable cow.

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