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On the balcony

It is a beautiful day today. The predictions not withstanding, the sun came out and it's around 80 degrees. We are spending our afternoon on the balcony. Nora prefers the shadow but likes to be with us.

In the morning, after her feeding, we put her in her chair and ten minutes later she started crying. Diaper was clean, food had been provided and she had just slept, so I picked her up to see what was going on. The answer was clearly that she wanted company, because she started smiling and cooing to us. Slowly but surely she's turning into a person with real social behaviors.

This morning talks within the Dutch government broke down, and new elections are likely. That is very good news for the dual citizenship for Nora and me. Let's hope that the proposed restrictive law goes away for good.

We are getting ready to receive friends for a drink.

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