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A flat tire on the Durham freeway

Today I had a flat tire, for the first time in 90,000 miles.

I was driving on the Durham freeway when I heard a strange noise, and after a few moments I realized that something was wrong with the car. I couldn't quite tell what it was. I left the freeway, and thankfully there was a parking lot right at the off ramp.

I called AAA roadside service, and within 45 minutes someone came and replaced the tire with the emergency one. It actually didn't look too difficult, and if it ever happens again I might try it myself. I went straight to the car dealership to get a new tire installed.

Flat tire.

Flat tire.


Had je het ventieldopje er wel op? Altijd vervelend een lekke band, maar ids volgende keer zou je het zelf kunnen proberen. Grt gerben

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