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I arrived at Schiphol airport around 8.30 am this morning, and after a little wait for the luggage I met with my parents and several friends. It's great to be here.

The weather is terribly depressing, as it often is here, but it was very warm welcome. We had coffee and breakfast.

During the day we did a little bit of shopping, and I went through our belongings in storage in the attic. I found several books that I want to bring home, and threw away a lot of old things.

First the first time, I will have my own phone during a stay here, and it even has internet. I bought a prepaid Vodaphone card for my phone, and Vodaphone's BlackBerry service is free until December (a promotion), so this $10 prepaid card gives me voice and data access. Pretty cool.

My phone number this week is 06 - 50 41 74 23.

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