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Crack in windshield

Monday afternoon on the parking lot at work I discovered a crack in the windshield of our car.

It was about 6" to 8" long, and from the marks on the windshield it was clear that small stones or other debris had hit it. This probably happened when we were driving from New Jersey this weekend.

I brought the car to a glass repair shop on Tuesday; it took about an hour.


That is a really big crack. We have also some small reminders of last winter in our windshield...

Something offtopic: Did you follow the elections?

I'm glad that the crack is fixed. It didn't look very good!

I followed the elections, yes. This is interesting: the results of Dutch voters in the United States (I didn't vote):

You didn't vote? That is very surprising to me. However, I'm sure you heard about the PVV? I think it is very bad news, I feel very ashamed for my country....

I didn't vote, on purpose. It's been 6 years since I lived in Holland, I don't pay taxes (yay) so I doesn't seem fair to vote.

It's very disappointing to see the PVV do so well.

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