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Here I keep track of some of the books that I've read, often with a short review and some personal thoughts. These are only a selection since I read a lot more books for work.

I like to read book in their original languages where possible: French, German, Dutch, English and I even read three books in Bulgarian. Here is the list of books I'd like to read. See also books about technology or management, and my all-time favorite books.

I'm an engineer, and enjoy science fiction novels. Some of my favorite authors are Vernor Vinge, Terry Pratchett and LE Modesitt Jr. No overview of my reading habits would be complete without mentioning The Economist -- I love that magazine.

Books below are in order of date read; this overview starts in October 2002.

De Kwetsbare Democratie

From the library I borrowed a compilation of essays on politics. It's called "de Kwetsbare Democratie" and contains a wide variety of articles from Adam Smith, Aristoteles, Marx etc. Very interesting; many of the papers are famous (the End of History for example) but I never read them.

Hoe God verdween uit Jorderd

The direct translation of the book's title is "How God Disappeared from Jorwerd". It deals with the changes in a village in Friesland between 1945 and 1995. The writer, Geert Mak, is a professor at the Universiteit van Amsterdam. He lived many years in this village and he spoke with many villagers.

Ooggetuigen van de vaderlandse geschiedenis

A compilation of small articles written by people in or about the Netherlands throughout the ages. It's a very nice selection, with stories of ordinary people but also from Ceasar and Casanova for example.

It was a present from my grandmother for my 24st birthday.


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