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Back from Las Vegas

From Las Vegas.I'm traveling back from Las Vegas, and I'm now in Memphis, TN after a rather short night sleep.

My flight left Las Vegas around 11.00 pm, and with the 2 hour time difference I arrived at 5.00 pm local time... too short! Luckily this airport has a Starbucks and WiFi.

My connecting flight leaves at 9.00 am, in two hours.


To Las Vegas

To Las Vegas.I'm going to Las Vegas!

My flight leaves around 6.00 pm tonight, and I'll arrive in Las Vegas around 11 pm, local time. I'll have a 2 hour layover in St. Paul, MN.

Tomorrow morning we'll give a presentation at an event in Las Vegas. I'll be traveling with a lot of equipment, including 2 laptops.


Traveling back from New Jersey

Traffic in New Jersey.Thursday I traveled back from New Jersey.

I left the office around 4.00 pm to catch a 6.30 pm flight. I was glad I took plenty of time, because the afternoon traffic was pretty dense.

When I arrived at the airport and heard some people talking in the elevator I noticed the southern accent more than I usually do, after hearing the New Jersey accent for a few days.

The Raleigh/Durham airport had a nice surprise... Starbucks coming soon! There is no decent coffee place at the airport so this is very welcome.

It was nice to come home; Sasha and I had a late dinner together.


Pictures of Soho

Saturday afternoon we went for a walk in the Soho district in New York.

See a couple of pictures below in this article.

Yesterday evening the server crashed because the hard drive ran out of space. I deleted some files, tried a reboot and the server never came back up. Unfortunately it was about 5:00 am in the Netherlands so I didn't call my father.

This morning the server worked again and after I restarted the database the website was back. Now I have to clean up the hard drive to make sure there is enough space in the future.


To New Jersey

BagsIt's 6.20 am on Saturday and we're getting ready to leave to the airport.

Sasha had her last mid-term exam yesterday and now it's spring break! Time to enjoy and to celebrate her birthday with Irena and Jonathan.

Our plane is at 8.40 am, and we plan to be at the airport around 7.30 am so we'll leave in 45 minutes or so.


At Sofia Airport

Airport Sofia.We are now at the Sofia Airport in Bulgaria, waiting for our flight to Munich which should leave in about an hour.

Very nice that there is free internet here and it works well -- Sasha is using Skype right now for a phone call.

We left Perushtitsa this morning around 7:45 to take the 8.30 am bus to Sofia. Milan and Nadia brought us to Plovdiv and we said goodbye there.

On January 1st the new terminal of Sofia Airport was taking into use, and we took a cab to there but our flight departed from the old terminal. It is very quiet at the airport, quite different from when I arrived.


To Hungary

We're leaving to Hungary now! We'll visit our friends Daniel and Erika there, and explore Budapest.

Not much time to write, as you'll understand -- stories and pictures later.


In Frankfurt

In Frankfurt.I arrived in Frankfurt, Germany, and my flight to Sofia seems to be pretty much on-time, 20 minutes delay at the most.

Just like when I arrived in Amsterdam in October, the very first impression of the airport: "smoking?!" There is smoking everywhere, not exactly pleasant after a short night of sleep. I suppose my nose is spoiled with everything being smoke free in the U.S. Frankfurt is a beautiful airport though.

The flight to Sofia is over booked and they're asking for 3 volunteers to give up their seats... obviously not me!

For 2 euro per 15 minutes I can make a Skype call here also.


Traveling before Christmas

So far I have been very lucky with my flights. The first flight from Raleigh to Chicago, where I am now, had only 20 minutes delay. Yesterday around the same time there were many delays between Raleigh between Chicago, and today the average delay for flights coming into O'Hare is over an hour.

The plane that will take me to Germany will land in about 15 minutes -- later than expected so I'm sure there will be some delay but at least the plane is here.

I'm heading to the gate now -- tomorrow I should be in Frankfurt, Germany and take a Lufthansa flight to Sofia, Bulgaria.


In Chicago

In Chicago.This morning I got up around 6.15 am and left for the airport around 7.30 am.

Just when I wanted to leave I saw that one of the locks on my main suitcase was broken -- there was a note by the TSA inside saying that they had to open it by force for an inspection. I always leave my suitcase unlocked but it must have incidentally got locked on my way home from the Netherlands.

Too late of course to get a new suitcase, but even with 3 locks the suitcase was closing fine. When I checked in the bag I taped the 4th lock, perhaps it helps a little bit.

Anyway -- I am on my way to Bulgaria!

We are going to visit Sasha's parents. I haven't seen them in 3 years and I am really looking forward to spend time with them and Jonathan and Irena. Sasha left a few days ago.

I didn't really think my travel to the airport through very well and drove instead of taking a cab. Silly, because now I'm paying for parking. Lessons for a new driver, I suppose.


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