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No training wheels

Tonight Nora bicycled for the first time without her training wheels and it went great! We are very proud.

On the photo you can still see the training wheels, but they are all the way up and not helping her at all.


Day 55

For the second time I tried to make sourdough with my levain (starter). The first attempt, a few days ago, wasn't a success, mostly because I didn't have enough time to bake it and I threw out the dough. Today things didn't start too good either -- after 3 hours the dough had hardly risen. But I didn't throw it out and left it for several more hours and only at 6.00 pm I started baking it. And it worked! There was a nice oven spring and the bread came out nice and dark. It smells good -- we will eat it tomorrow for lunch.

I worked with Adrian in the morning and it went well. The spelling of words in Kern 2 is now easy for him -- the only mistake he makes sometimes is between "i" and "e". A few days ago he saw clearly that there is a difference between "d" and "b" -- until then, he didn't quite realize it, but we're getting there. Mieke sent me additional materials for Veilig Leren Lezen, I'll print out a few of those over the weekend for more practice.

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