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The boys woke up full with energy and were downstairs at 7 am, so we had an early breakfast. Afterwards, we did a Veilig Leren Lezen session. Adrian wrote his first word today, with the ringboekje -- he stamped VIS without having to look up the spelling. Very cool.

Leo is making nice progress in the second kern. To slow him down I make him do zonnetje exercises as well, which he enjoys.


Women's World Cup final 2019 -- USA vs the Netherlands

The kids and I went to Elephant & Castle in DC to watch the women's World Cup final, a game between USA and the Netherlands. Our loyalties are divided, obviously, but we dressed up in orange and joined the Dutch crowd cheering for Holland.

It was the first game that the boys saw. They were overwhelmed at times by the noise and the tension but they had a good time. The kids had a lemonade and corn-on-the-cob.

The first half was dominated by team USA but the Dutch kept it at 0-0. In the second half, a penalty kick and a beautiful goal decided the game, 2-0. We clapped for the American goals, and when Nora was in doubt and a little sad, we cheered "USA", "USA" -- an advantage of dual loyalties! The American team was clearly the better one, but it's still sad "we" lost the final.

When we left we saw hello to a Dutch couple that had brought two Nijntje dolls. The kids hugged them and then they received a small stroopwafel for dessert.

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