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Supporting the new Bicycle Plan

I spoke at the County Board meeting tonight to support the new bicycle plan. It updates the 10 year old existing plan, and is the fifth one Arlington has adopted -- a sign off how long the bicycle history goes back here, which is cool.

Arlington is making decent progress with protected bikelanes. The plan is to build more of them and this formal Plan helps codify that.

I spoke for only a minute or so, but it felt good to make my voice heard.

Before the board meeting I hang out with many of my Twitter buddies, several of who I met for the first time in person tonight.


Working on the backyard

Another very productive weekend. Last weekend we were inside for a lot, doing taxes and other paperwork -- this weekend we were outside the whole time and it was great.

Jaap took care of the kids Saturday morning and we went to Home Depot for 2,5 hours. We loaded the car to the brim with gear, dirt and plants. In the afternoon and Sunday pretty much all day we worked on the yard with everybody, which was fun.

The end result looks great; we replaced an old grass patch with nice trees in a mulch bed. We had to be careful about some Comcast cables that were installed rather poorly.

Adrian "blocked the sidewalk" with "pilonnen" to make sure there wouldn't be anyone walking into our working zone.


Studying Dutch with Opa

There is something incredibly powerful about seeing Nora and Jaap work together. They worked on the Dutch course material for 90 minutes or so. Jaap is more patient than I am and it was a very effective session, it seems, on the difference between ij and ei, among other things.


Good Friday

It's a day off for me and Jaap and I took the kids to a playground near the German bakery. It stayed dry all morning and we spent a nice two hours there.


Digging a trench

I had fond memories of digging trenches when I was a little kid, in our parents backyard in Opperdoes. We'd play with the smurfs, and mud and water.

The other day I noticed that the dirt around the tiles in the backyard was dug out -- Adrian and Leo were adamant that I wasn't supposed to put the dirt back in.

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