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Checking out Clarendon Circle

They're building a bigger sidewalk on Clarendon Circle and we went to take a look today.

Always nice to see sidewalks being expanded, especially at this crossing which is part of my running route.

Looks like it's about 6 to 8 weeks away from completion.


Back to work for Nora

It's been a very busy two weeks. Today we're getting back to normal, which is excellent. I had time for a run, and this afternoon I worked with Nora on her Dutch. She's still a little more tired than normal, but things went well and she did a chapter of both Spelling in Beeld and Taal in Beeld.

The beautiful thing is, even though I didn't have any time for her Dutch, she still kept up by reading books for herself. She re-read the 2nd Vos en Haas bundle today, a big book with almost 300 pages, and she read some of the Lijsters that Mieke had sent.

The Taal in Beeld exercises are challenging -- "write a text about an animal" and provide excellent training.

Two chapters is less than what we normally do on a Saturday -- she is still a little weaker than normal -- but it's great to back to normal life a little bit.


American Legion/APAH plan approved

The American Legion/APAH plan was officially approved by the County Board today. This is the development in our neighborhood that I was part of the Site Plan Review Committee for.

I couldn't attend today but watched the discussion via livestream. Good discussion on the future east-west connection.

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