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Three years at school

Nora's teacher, Ms Leslie, shared a wonderful collection of photo's of Nora from the past three years. It was so nice to see her working on all these projects.


Fixing window screens

Today I fixed a few of the mesh screens in our house. Leo and Adrian had a period where they liked to poke their tiny fingers through the mesh, and several bedroom windows and downstairs windows were damaged.

I watched a explanation on YouTube and in the late afternoon went to Home Depot to pick up the equipment.

On my way home from Home Depot I saw a car from Screen Mobile, a commercial service for restoring screens. No need to call them.

It wasn't hard to do, and it's nice to no longer have these ugly holes in the window screens.


Transportation Master Plan

We went to the County again, the third time in three months, to give feedback for a revision of the Transportation Master Plan.

There are positive developments in County policy, and it's good to come out and support the good cause.

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