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Koningsdag 2018

Today we went to the Koningsdag celebrations at the Dutch school in Bethesda. This was the first time for Leo and Adrian, and though they are still little they had a good time.

The first 30 minutes or so I always spend in a frenzy looking for a Dutch children's books. The boys thought that the toys for sale were all for playing so that caused some tension, haha. Later we did several games together. A new one this year was koekhappen and that was fun! Adrian was the best in that game. Nora later tried steltlopen and Sasha took a picture of the 4 of us in traditional gear.

The weather was gorgeous and after the games we went to the playground where we had a quiet lunch together. A lovely morning. This is such a nice event. Last year we were there with Joost and Ankie.


April BVCSA meeting

I went to the civic association's meeting tonight. There was a presentation about the new property on the corner of Washington and Kirkwood. Looks pretty good.

I parked my bicycle next to another bakfiets.


To the eye doctor with Adrian

Adrian bumped into the handle of the gate in the yard yesterday. His eye was red and we took him to the eye doctor today.

Thankfully it was a small scratch, and will heal by itself. He'll need some antibiotic drops for a few days.


Presentation Veitch bike lanes

We went to an open house where protected bike lanes for Veitch were presented.

It was in the Navy League building in Court House and we went there by bakfiets.

For the kids there was coloring and I spoke with two of the designers which was nice. The proposal is really nice, they even have a special bus stop that doesn't infringe on the bike lane.


3 years old and learning stuff

Adrian and Leo don't have much of an attention span yet. Not surprising for 3-year olds, but it's easy to forget after doing a 75 minute teaching session with Nora. Nevertheless, we're teaching them all sorts of things.

In the past few weeks they started understanding the colors ("een tomaat is rood. een babaan is geel"). And they know 10 to 12 letters already. "S" van Sinterklaas, "P" van Piet...

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