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Tech talk at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh

For our college recruitment I gave a tech talk at Carnegie Mellon University last week. It was fun talking with students. They were younger than I remember. It seems like my talk went over quite well, and at the end I gave them my three pieces of advice for looking for jobs: 1. Work where the firm makes its money, 2. Your supervisor is very important. When looking for a job, try to interview her/him as much as possible, 3. Do the hard things. In college: take the hard courses. At work: investigate the hard problems. Be the go-to-person.

The next morning I went for a run downtown, crossing all three rivers. Pittsburgh is a beautiful city.

I drove to Pittsburgh from Arlington -- about 4 hours clean driving time.



This morning when the boys were eating, Leo all of a sudden said with a very sad voice: "sleutel" and pointed to the window.

My parents had told me that the guys sometimes play with a toy wrench key and try to put it through a hole in the window screen. Apparently Leo and Adrian succeeded in that the other day because indeed, the wrench key was outside -- right on a ledge.

So I left the kids up, one by one, to take a look. We'll have to use a broom to get it off the ledge.


Goodbye taverna

Time flies... my parents are leaving tomorrow. Last night we had a wonderful taverna. We had dinner with Ginny, Gilbert and Judy, and Trey and Baka visited for a while. Jaap had made hamburgers and fruit salad and we had great conversations.

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