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A new bicycle

Right after the bicycle arrived I left on a trip to California but now I finally fully assembled the bike. It's a Workcycles Kruisframe, a sturdier version of the classic Omafiets.

It's great to have a coaster break again (terugtraprem). Coaster breaks are not popular in the USA, but that's the type of break I've had on my bike for 24 years. My previous bike had hand breaks -- which makes it much harder to bicycle with only 1 hand.

This morning Nora and I went to Whole Foods on the bike and we both enjoyed it a lot. I don't have a crate on the front carrier yet so I temporarily used an Ikea plastic footstool to hold our shopping bag. I made it up on our big hill on 13th street, even with Nora and the groceries, so that's great.

I'm very happy with the bike.


New bike arrived

My new bicycle arrived today! I put the big components together tonight but didn't have much time because I'm leaving to California tomorrow. Nora helped.


Leo's first bite

Today it was Leo's turn to get his first bit of solid food.

He wasn't impressed.


Adrian's first bite

Adrian had his first solid food today. We made him carrots with milk and he ate several bites.

He liked it. Nora told him, in Bulgarian: you'll have to finish your plate.


Flu shots

We brought the kids to the pediatrician this morning to get their flu shots. Nora went first and took it well. Leo was already a little tired and cried his lungs out, while Adrian cried just a little bit and shortly thereafter smiled again. Went went to the German bakery and got a bread and in the car ride home Leo fell asleep.


Rain, rain, rain

It's good that I fixed the gutter because it has been raining for two days in a row and the weekend won't be any better due to a major storm on the Atlantic.

Nora wore her Jip & Janneke boots to school.

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