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Flaring tempers

"You owe me a hundred sixty five dollars!"
"No! It's one fourty five! The extra twenty bucks were a tip for your 'pleasant behavior'!"

A cab driver and a female customer were pulling at a suitcase and yelling at each other when I ran by this morning. The power was out in many places after last night's storm, and it was a hot and busy morning. The cab had stopped on Wilson Boulevard near the Ballston Mall, just when I ran by.

I asked what was going on, and together with another passer-by we managed to calm them down. They had clearly been angry with each other for a while.

The passenger, very upset, had arrived at BWI airport and her credit card was declined in the cab. They had pulled over at several ATMs in the area but since the phone lines are dead she couldn't get any cash. The cab driver wasn't happy either and said that the passenger had tried running away -- which is why he grabbed her luggage.

We tried calling 911 but there was no connection. I ran around the block, looking for a working ATM but there was nothing. When I came back I waved down a passing ambulance who called the police. The officer who arrived thanked us and sent us on our way, so I could continue my run.


Big storm over Arlington

A big storm hit Arlington 30 minutes ago. There were very strong wind gushes and we even had to take our balcony furniture inside.

We live in an apartment building that overlooks Lyon Village. Here's a short video of the lightning.


Four month check-up

This morning we brought Nora to the pediatrician for her four month check-up. She is healthy and growing well. She's now 14.4 lbs (6.5 kg).

When she was two months old she got her first series of shots and today she received the follow-up injections. Nora took it well -- she cried for a few minutes but after a big hug she recovered.

Her next appointment is in two months.


Nora at my work

Today Jaap was in Ballston and he came by my office with Nora. It was great to show her to my colleagues and to introduce Jaap to everybody.

Nora had just waken up from a nap in the stroller so she was quiet and peaceful, just staring at everything and everyone with big eyes.

Tomorrow morning we have our 4-months check up at the pediatrician.


4 months old

Nora is four months old today!



Along the Potomac

Jaap and I just got back from a morning ride along the Potomac. We took the Capital Crescent trail to the Maryland border and back, about 75 minutes. It was nice to ride out when it was still fresh -- on our way back the temperature was rising already.

We had planned to take the Chain Bridge back to Virginia, but I took a wrong turn and we decided to just go back the way we came. From the riverside we saw the spot where we were swimming a week ago.


A different commute

On Monday I brought our car for repair -- some cosmetic damage -- so the past few days I've been bicycling to work.

My own bike wasn't ready yet so I've used the nice BikeShare system for a few days. It works great. I can pick up my pick around the corner from our apartment building, bicycle for 13 minutes and then park it right near my work in Ballston.

Tonight I picked up my bike from the repair shop, so tomorrow I'll use my own bike to get to work.


Swimming in the Potomac

On Monday John and Juliana invited us for a boat trip on the Potomac.

Their motor boat is moored in a harbor near the Pentagon and we went for a pleasant trip over the Potomac. It was really cool to see D.C. from the water.

Near the Key bridge we put out the anchor and jumped in the river. After a BBQ on the boat we returned back home, a very nice Monday evening.


the Netherlands - Denmark

This morning Jaap and I went to a bar in Ballston to watch the first Dutch soccer game for the European Championship. We took the rental bikes again; it's about 15 minutes from our home by bike. Part of Wilson Boulevard was closed due to a bicycle race so we drove through Lyon Village.

The game was a disappointment -- Holland lost with 0-1 from the Danes and it is not looking very good for the Dutch right now. Jaap and I had a good time though. Jaap never watches soccer at home but he even wore an orange cap to the game.

We met quite a few people in Frontpage, like Shanti, Petra, Wouter, Candice, and Erik.


Nora and her Opa

Jaap has been here for one week already, and Nora is having a great time.

It's not only leisure though! As Jaap said: "First let's do your exercise, then we'll read a story".


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