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Late nights

It's no secret that our sleeping patterns are quite different from that of a small baby. Nora sleeps pretty well at night, but of course wakes us up at early hours.

Still, when you hear her cry it is great to look forward to a warm hug.

Sometimes when I'm waiting for her to fall back asleep, I have a few moments to read. I'm reading The Great Gatsby, which is a nice, easily readable novel I had on my list with Books To Read.


Our first family photo

Last week we took our first family photo.

Nora is now 39 days old; time flies. We take her for walks every now and then, she likes that. The moment we leave the apartment her eyes become big, as if she soaks in the new environment. Ten minutes later she'll be asleep.


Birth announcement in Dutch-American newspaper

Nora's birth announcement was placed in the bi-weekly Windmill Herald, a newspaper for Dutch people in North America.

Most of the announcements are by second or third generation Dutch immigrants in areas such as Sioux Center, IA or Orange City, IA. It's nice to see Nora's name in print again.

One of the headlines on this edition of the newspaper is "Rutte Cabinet wants to get rid of dual nationality" -- something that will impact Nora and me.


Two beautiful gifts

Last week, within a few days of each other, Nora received two beautiful gifts from her Oma and her Tante. Two embroidered wall decorations, in Nijntje and Fabeltjeskrant style.

We will find a good place for them in Nora's room!

Thank you very much, Mieke and Ettie.


Official mail

Nora received her first official letter last week from the Social Security Administration with her social security number.

Nora is an American citizen and because of her parents' nationalities she is also a citizen of Bulgaria and the Netherlands.

Unfortunately, there is a proposed law before Dutch parliament which would eliminate dual citizenship. It will require Nora and me to give up our Dutch nationalities when I choose to become an American.


First two days at work

I've been back at work for two days now, and slowly getting into a routine again. It's absolutely wonderful to come home to my girls.

Monday morning we went to the pediatrician again for the two week check-up, and Nora has grown 3/4" (two centimeters) since she was born. She is awake for longer periods now, and she often has this "quiet alertness" state where she is looking at everything (especially at lights).


Beschuit met muisjes

Yesterday was my first day at work since Nora was born.

I love my job but it was hard to leave the girls behind!

I treated "beschuit met muisjes", a Dutch tradition when a child is born. I've been looking forward to doing this, and I ordered the beschuit and a package of muisjes several weeks ago.

My colleagues liked it, unlike a nephew of mine who will remain unnamed but called it "yuck!".


Birth announcement in the local newspaper

Today Nora's birth announcement appeared in the Wieringermeerbode, the local newspaper in the area where I grew up. It is nice to see her name in print.

Thanks, Opa and Oma, for organizing this.


Open eyes

We went for a checkup at the pediatrician again today, and Nora is growing nicely. It's good to see her back at her birth weight.

The other day I caught her on camera, wide awake and with her eyes open.

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