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Back in Secaucus

Four days after we left Secaucus, we are back at Jonathan and Irena's to celebrate New Year's Eve. There's a big party here tomorrow, and we're looking forward to welcome 2012.

Tomorrow morning we're frying oliebollen, a Dutch specialty.


Changed a lightbulb

When we drove in New Jersey this weekend I noticed that one of the car's low-beam headlights was broken. I stopped at two gas stations to see if they carried a replacement bulb, but I couldn't find them.

Today after work I went to the car dealership and they had the right type of bulb. I installed it myself.


Year overview 2009 now live

The last two weeks of the year have begun. Our Christmas tree is up, my cubicle is nicely decorated and I'm listening to's Christmas station all day long.

This morning I have posted the year overview for 2009. It is only available to registered users of this site. Send me a message if you do not have an account yet or if you'd like me to reset your password. You should also be able to use your Facebook account to login.


Christmas tree 2011

We decorated our Christmas tree tonight.



We've been unpacking some more boxes this week and the second bedroom is getting ready. Today we brought several boxes with books and papers to my and Sasha's work.

On the way back home we did grocery shopping and bought our Christmas tree. It's a beautiful one, quite large. It's larger than we've had before so I'll get some extra lights tomorrow and will decorate it in the evening.


Huntley Meadows Park

We went for a walk in the beautiful Huntley Meadows Park yesterday. It was around 3.30 pm and the sun was already low on the horizon. The park is an area with wetlands and there are many different types of birds in the wetlands and the lake. There's a boardwalk through the wet areas and several trails through the woods.

We are scouting for places where it's nice to go for a walk. Last weekend we walked part of the Washington & Old Dominion trail, which was nice but a quite busy with bicycles.


A rainy day

It's been raining all day today. We had an early appointment in D.C so I took the metro from Foggy Bottom to my work. The moment I put down my umbrella on the floor, I saw an umbrella under another bench. A good reminder not to forget my own!

In the evening it was still pouring, and when I came home there was no power in the apartment building. However, one elevator was still working and there was partial lightning in the building hallways. Our apartment was pitch black, a strange experience. I went for a great run in the rain and took a shower by candle light. The power came back 30 minutes later.


A day in Arlington

We had a nice day in our new town, Arlington, today.

In the afternoon we walked to the library. They still had our information on file from 2005. Made me feel at home.

We had dinner in the Silver Diner and then did our grocery shopping for the week.


Working on the apartment

Our living room and kitchen are in good shape, and slowly but surely we're getting the rest of the apartment ready as well. Today we worked mainly on the guest bedroom.

After a visit to Home Depot I mounted the bookshelves against the wall and we opened the last boxes. We threw out a lot of old papers, which is a nice feeling.


Dutch Design mug

Two weeks ago I replied to a small contest by the Dutch Embassy on Facebook, "tell us what your Dutch heritage means to you". I wrote: "Sharing stroopwafels with my colleagues today. And drinks tonight at Mackey's Pub in DC".

They awarded all participants with a price, so today I received a beautiful Dutch Design mug in the mail. Thank you, Dutch Embassy!

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