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This afternoon I'm doing some work to assist another team. It's relaxed, working from home, and things are going smoothly so far.

I went for a long run this morning. Last Thursday I ran to DC from here for the first time, and on the way back to our house there's a 1 mile stretch that's entirely uphill. It's not a super steep incline, but it's hard at the end of a long run. Oh well, a good exercise.

The last two days we have been eating turkey sandwiches. The 10 lbs turkey would have been enough to feed 6 adults at least, so we'll continue to have turkey for a few more days. Real turkey breast is so much better than from a deli... so delicious.


Thanksgiving 2011

We had a great Thanksgiving Day. In the morning we put some of our Haarlem and Amsterdam maps on the wall and the house is getting cozy.

We started cooking in the afternoon, and Pascal and his daughter Hanna joined us for dinner. A classic Thanksgiving meal, with a 10 lbs turkey as main course. Hanna enjoyed the home-made apple sauce. It was a great evening, topped off with a long walk through Arlington. Almost all stores and business were closed; some will open very early tomorrow for "Black Friday" shopping specials. Not for us!



This weekend we moved to our new apartment in Arlington. It took three trips with the car, including a dedicated drive for the plants, but all our belongings are now in the new house. It will take several days before everything is on its right place, and we have quite a few boxes from Durham still to unpack, but it's definitely 'liveable' already.

Today Verizon FiOS was installed, high-speed internet access, and a window in the living room was replaced.


Várdai Botond born!

Our good friends Daniël and Erika are blessed with a baby boy!

Várdai Botond was born on November 20 at 12.56 PM. He was 56 cm long and weighted 7 pounds.



Moving to Arlington

This weekend we're officially moving to our new apartment in Arlington. Yesterday I brought most of our remaining boxes there, today we'll only have to move our clothes, some small stuff and three plants.

Two weeks ago I bought a drill, and I used it again yesterday to mount to our bookshelves against the wall. Unmounted the bookshelves were pretty stable too but now they are nice and straight and look even better.

I configured our music setup on said bookshelves. It's all going a little slower because I've had a cold since last weekend but most of the rooms are now ready.

Tomorrow afternoon Verizon will install FiOS, fiber-cable internet with a speed of 20Mbps/5Mbps.


A good excuse for a stroopwafel

Today is Dutch-American Heritage Day and to celebrate I brought stroopwafels to my work. They were well received.

In the evening I went for drinks at Mackey's Pub with a nice group of Dutch people. I have a cold so I stayed only a little while but it was fun.


Interview with Sasha online

A few days ago Sasha was featured in the alumni spotlight of her university, a great honor!

Read the interview here:


Ikea cabinets

Last weekend we went to Ikea and bought two cabinets for in the dining area, and yesterday we went to the new apartment to install them.

We also visited Home Depot for some things; slowly but surely the new apartment is getting together.


Easy Saturday

We spent the Saturday relaxing and doing small chores. I changed our address with a lot of companies and spent some time doing insurance paperwork. All this with my new laptop; the new hard disk arrived and I completed configuring the laptop for the most part.

In the late afternoon we went to the Pentagon City mall and did some shopping. We had a bite there and then did grocery shopping in Clarendon. We went to our new apartment for a little bit; we'll be back there tomorrow to put together the Ikea furniture we bought last weekend.

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