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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

To all our readers, no matter in what timezone they live: Happy New Year and all the best for 2006!


New house Daniel and Erika

New house Daniel and Erika. On the left is Daniel, their house is the 2nd balcony.Two good friends, Daniel and Erika, have bought a new house!

They have been living together in Hungary for a long time, but this is the first house they are buying together so it's a great step. Congratulations!

Daniel sent out some pictures and it looks like a nice place, large and with a great view. It's on the second floor of a three-story building, in a medium sized city called Solnok.

Daniel mentioned that they will have some renovations done before they move in so they will move to their new place in April next year.


Noise-cancelling headphones

Sasha gave a me a very nice present for Christmas: noise-cancelling headphones!

This is truly a very special headset -- it filters out monotonous low noises by generating an "opposite" sound waves for those noises. Even when you're not listening to music it sounds like someone lowered the sounds of the world around you to a really, really low volume -- awesome.

I tried them for the first time on our long bus trip from New York to Washington and they worked great.


American images: A duck at the Memorial

A duck at the Lincoln Memorial.A duck in a pond full with leaves.

This is the pond between the Lincoln Memorial and the World War II Memorial at the National Mall.


Traffic, traffic

The bus driver adjusting the pressure in the tire.The journey from Washington to New York on Friday went very smooth, mostly because of the professional bus driver who managed to evade the most congested roads. On the way back we were not so lucky.

We woke up early Monday to take the train to New York at 10.30 o'clock. Irena brought us to the trainstation. We said goodbye and had plenty of time to take the train. When we arrived in the city we had a cup of coffee and walked to the bus stop. However, when we came there we saw nobody waiting, while there are usually people in line. So, we double checked the ticket, and we realized that the bus company had changed the location of the bus stop! We ran eight blocks across town, from 34th to 42nd but we were too late and just caught a glimpse of the bus leaving. I yelled and waved to the bus driver but that did nothing than attracting several cab drivers who offered us a ride.

Well, what do you do when you have a good hour to kill on Times Square? Indeed, we went to Starbucks and spend our time well. We were really early at the bus stop for the 1 pm bus (the correct location this time) to make sure we would get on. That was a smart move because a lot of people were waiting and some people couldn't get a seat.


Christmas traffic

The Holland tunnel.We left this afternoon for New York. We took the bus at 1 pm from Chinatown.

We had the best seats in the bus: all the way in front with a great view on the road and a lot of leg space.

I was worried about the traffic, with the holiday weekend starting, but we arrived around 6 pm on Times Square, much better than the previous time I travelled on a Friday afternoon.

The bus has a more experienced driver this time, and she took a lot of alternatives routes to avoid the congested roads. That's why we entered the city through the Holland tunnel instead of through the Lincoln tunnel.


Christmas car

Christmas car.This morning when I walked to my work I passed by a nice car.

The owner was obviously very much in a Christmas mood.

Sasha and I are leaving for New York this afternoon; we're taking the 1 pm bus from Chinatown. I'm very glad the strike in New York is over, it would have been a nightmare to enter the city otherwise.


Mysterious Christmas card - resolved

The secret of the mysterious Christmas card has been resolved.

If you open the flower by pulling on the sides, it has a secret message: a happy 2006!


Mysterious Christmas card

Mysterious Christmas card.We received a mysterious Christmas card this week -- no sender name on the envelop, and no message on the card either.

It's a beautiful card -- but whose is it?

Work Arlington 2006

Christmas party Philadelphia

Friday evening was the Christmas party of my company in Philadelphia. I took a train with three colleagues from Union Station. I don't think I had ever taken an Amtrak train before, so this was a nice experience. We left at noon and it's about two hours from Washington D.C. to Philadelphia.

It was a very nice party, in a restaurant in downtown Philadelphia. When the bar closed around 11 pm we went to a Southern style restaurant with a live jazz band. I spoke with a lot of clients and colleagues. We closed the evening with drinks in the lobby of the hotel.

After Thursday's Christmas happy hour of Augusto and Ewa this was my fifth Holiday celebration in little over two weeks.

On my way back the next day I saw that my train had a three hour delay. I was glad I could exchange my ticket for an express service that was leaving only 40 minutes later.


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