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Puerto Rican cuisine

Puerto Rican cuisine.Puerto Rico has a distinct cuisine, which reminds of the Cuban kitchen.

One thing that strikes me as odd is that the food there seems so unhealthy. There is so much fruit on the island, but in most local restaurants the food seems to be suspiciously void of vitamines. Fried plantain, fried chicken breast, fried potatoes and sometimes even fried bread...

As a general rule I try not to eat the real Puerto Rican food to often, and I always have some fruit in my room to compensate for the non-optimal cuisine. Don't get me wrong, it's delicious food, but with all the oranges, mangos and other fresh fruit you'd imagine a more vitamine rich diet. One of the recipes I enjoy a lot is pechuga in a small restaurant near our customer's office, con arroz congri i pikante. Whenever we're in Puerto Rico we often go to that place for lunch.



The project I am working on is now in its development phase. We finished the requirements a while back and the design is as good as done. It's really nice to see the software getting shape, the first components and detailed designs have been created already.

As for my dear travelers, everything is well. Sasha is seeing a lot of the regio around Nice -- she visited Cannes last weekend, and Monaco before that. Yesterday afternoon, after her French classes she made a tour through the Provence. Jerry and Marjolein arrived in Louisiana a few days ago, and my parents are leaving Middenmeer tomorrow morning very early to take a plane to New York.


Canon A520

Canon Powershot A520.We have a new camera!

Two weeks ago we went again to Best Buy. I called in advance and they put aside one of the camera's that had just come in that day.

We choose a Canon Powershot A520. The HP PhotoSmart that I've had for a long time served me well, and I feel sorry that I can't use it anymore, but the new camera is very nice.

One of the features I like is the the display that shows the focus point chosen, as well as the the shutter speed and aperture chosen by the auto exposure system. The camera also has a beamer to determine the distance between the object and the camera when it's dark... a lot of useful tools but the camera is easy in use.

The memory cards of the HP fit in the new camera also so we can re-use those. We were not so lucky with the inital A520 we got Friday -- when I took the first picture in the metro station, the shutter didn't fully open automatically. We returned in immediately and luckily enough they had more camera's in stock.



Yesterday I basically spent shopping. In the morning to two supermarkets, and in the afternoon I went to a mall to get a new pair of shorts and a dough roller. I spent some time in the bookstore at Pentagon City, drinking coffee and browsing some books.

When I was traveling back from Pentagon City by metro, I realized I didn't have my house key with me. I was pretty sure I had brought it, so I was afraid I had lost it. At the front-desk of our building they helped me out and somebody came with me to the apartment with a master key. It turned out that my keys where inside, on the bar.

In the evening I made a pizza. It was the first time I made pizza myself in the U.S., not counting the months of labor in my first summer job in Tannersville grinding garlic and making tomato sauce. I couldn't find the pre-dosed mix I usually made the bread with in Haarlem, so I did it the old fashioned way: flower, hot water and yeast. Of course, that process takes longer, so I ate very late.

The result was very good, with a very tasty and crispy crust.


Traveling home

I came home late last night.

I couldn't get a plane ticket to Washington Dulles for Friday evening, to I took the flight to Baltimore instead. BWI, the airport there, is a lot further from Arlington and I was home around midnight.

When I left the office yesterday it was a chaos on the streets: everywhere there were huge lines in front of (empty) gas stations. There was some rumours that the ATMs would stop working in the weekend as well, so there were large lines in front of cash machines also. This morning I read that the strike ended and gas deliveries are getting back to normal. Good news for my colleagues who are there this weekend.

I've been several times at the airport in San Juan now, and I usually get a cup of coffee before we leave. One of the moving sidewalks to get to the terminal were Starbucks is has been out of service for over three months.

When I came home there were some really nice surprises. A Volksrant, caramel wafers (stroopwafels) and a large supply of Grimbergen Triple. Thanks a lot guys! Jerry and Marjolein left Arlington two days ago and are on their way to Lafayette in Indiana.

This morning I went out for breakfast, I had nothing at home to eat. Had a bagel and coffee at Cosi's. I felt tired, and it's great to get some real rest at home -- it's been a very busy week. Today there was the annual 99 tournament in Amsterdam. Zoltan won the cup again.


Back to Virginia

I'll leave to Virginia in about an hour. The battery of my cellphone is empty, and the charger is somewhere deep in my luggage, so no phone calls anymore.

The drivers of the gas-trucks are on strike in Puerto Rico, so all gasstations are closing... hope I'll be able to get out :)


Struikje in Amerika

Yesterday afternoon two close friends arrived in the U.S. -- Jerry and Marjolein are here for a long vacation. They'll make a journey through the U.S. in the next month.

Unfortunately I can't see them this week as I am in Puerto Rico, but we'll meet when they return in a few weeks.

Jerry and Marjolein have a website of their adventures in the United States.


Coco Loco's

Cell phone picture of a Coco Loco.This weekend we will be moving a part of our project's system into production. The customer finished their acceptance testing last week, and we went out yesterday to celebrate that.

We went to La Playita, an outdoor bar where we had hamburgers and beer. We were a group of 7, and it was great fun. We spent there several hours, and moved to the Blue Dolphin, where one of us recommended the "Coco Loco" drink. We followed that recommendation with pleasure -- it is a very nice drink that's served in a real coconut. Quite sweet, but very nice.

Today during the day we don't have much to do, but tonight we'll go to the office to move the application (tomorrow will be a day of testing). I'm now sitting at the pool, slowly recovering from last night.


Last seat...

Yeah, that wasn't such a good idea to buy my ticket last minute: when I arrived at the airport very early in the morning I was selected for extra security checks.

I've had suh checks before. Especially if you're a guy traveling alone, with a one-way ticket, bought very early before the flight departs, they always catch you and print a "SSSS" ticket: extra checks. I've had such checks before, but not at 5.45 o'clock and it didn't make me very happy. First I couldn't check in at the curb, second my bag had to be scanned. Turns out the scanning machine was broken so they did a manual check of my bag that took ages.

So when I arrived at the gate I had no time to get either Starbucks or breakfast... not good. I had a middle seat, sandwiched between two friendly but large people... not the best flight I've ever had.

It's good to be here, making much better progress than ever possible remotely. Tomorrow there is a deadline for my document, so there's quite some work to be done.

Another bright note: the tropical storm Emily is not affecting the island and is passing it far south. The Dutch islands of Bonaire, Curacao and Aruba will be affected though.


Leak damage

Hallway without carpet.About six weeks ago there was a serious flooding in one of the apartments on the higher floors. It turned out that someone attached something to the sprinklers, it broke and a tremendous amount of water was released that caused serious damage in many floors. The leakage was on the 19th floor and apartments all the way to the second floor were damaged.

We were lucky that our apartment wasn't affected. It took weeks of carpeting and painting in some other houses on our floor, and some of the worst affected apartments are still not usuable. The carpet in our hallway has not been restored yet.

About two week ago we heard the fire-alarm in our building for the first time. It turned out not to be a fire, but another leakage. The fire-alarm is very intense. there is a speaker in our living room that made the noise, and an automated voice saying that "a fire emergency has been detected in the building". A safe thought that the noise is easily loud enough to wake you up in your sleep.


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