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Sore hands

On Monday night I took Nora and the boys for a walk. I wanted to go to the barber but it was too crowded so we walked around instead and met Sasha at the Clarendon Metro.

When we were going home Nora picked up berries from behind the church. A minute or two later she started complaining that her hands hurt. It was quite painful and at home we gave her some cream. 30 minutes later it had subsided.

Tuesday night we walked on the same path again and I took a picture of the plant. We still don't know if that's the culprit but Nora won't pick those berries anymore, that's for sure. There are other plants around the berries, one might be poison ivy perhaps.


Protecting the plants

We let Leo and Adrian roam around and they made a beeline for the plants in the middle of the room. They love plants. Adrian in particular is always looking for opportunities to pick their leaves. Even when he's in my arms and we walk by a plant he'll stick out his hands in the hope to catch something.

When Nora was their age, she did the same thing. Now she is protecting the plants from her little brothers.


Christmas tree 2015

Yesterday we got our Christmas tree. We went to Home Depot since last year's tree from Whole Foods was too big. With the playpen and Nora's toys we have little room to spare.

It was nice to see our the old ornaments again. Nora helped decorating the tree, the boys looked at the lights with interest. We moved their playpen to the other side of the room so they have a new view now.



Those cute bunnies enjoyed our lilies.


Taking out ivy

Today we took out a big part of the ivy in our front yard. It was creeping towards the neighbors and it's always encroaching on our lawn so we decided to remove a good chunk of it.

Bruce came out when I started and he loaned me some of his tools, including a big pickaxe which was very helpful.


Flowers on the deck

Last Saturday we took the car, all five of us, and went to buy flowers for on the deck.

On Sunday Sasha and Nora planted petunias. Nora enjoyed playing with the soil, transferring it from the bag to a pot and then another pot...


Christmas tree 2014

On Sunday we bought our Christmas tree and put the lights up, and Monday night we put the ornaments in.

This is the first year that Nora helped with the decorations. Which means there is a little spot at the bottom of the tree where she many decorations close to each other.

Another change we made compared to last year was that I brought a measurement tape to the place where they sold the trees. Last year we got an 8 foot tree -- not a good fit for our 8 foot ceilings and I had to cut off a chunk to make it fit in the living room. This year we have a 7 foot tree and that obviously worked much better.


Pruning roses

Nadya helped us in the yard this weekend. One of the things she did was pruning our roses. They are mature roses but hadn't been pruned in many years so it was time to cut them back drastically. Nadya has a lot of experience with roses.

It's nice to make progress on the yard. There are many more small projects we want to do but slowly but surely it's truly becoming "our yard".


Lawn repair kit

Our front-yard had a few patches where there wasn't much grass. The yard closest to the house doesn't get a lot of direct sunlight.

I bought a "lawn repair kit", which is a mixture of grass seeds and fertilizer, mixed through paper pulp. It looks a little weird, but now a week later there are tiny sprouts of grass showing, so it seems to work.

It is nice to work on the yard, and take care of things like this.


Working in the backyard

We worked in the backyard yesterday. The weather was excellent and we bought several flowers and planters for our deck. It was a lot of fun and it looks nice. Now we'll have to keep everything alive.

There is an empty patch of land in the middle of our yard. Last year the previous owners put a few small pansies, but the space is too big and deserve a nice bush. So we're looking into what to put there. Maybe roses, or hydrangeas.

This was also the first weekend we use our umbrella -- it's getting very sunny already.


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