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Those cute bunnies enjoyed our lilies.

Taking out ivy


Today we took out a big part of the ivy in our front yard. It was creeping towards the neighbors and it’s always encroaching on our lawn so we decided to remove a good chunk of it.

Bruce came out when I started and he loaned me some of his tools, including a big pickaxe which was very helpful.

Flowers on the deck


Last Saturday we took the car, all five of us, and went to buy flowers for on the deck.

On Sunday Sasha and Nora planted petunias. Nora enjoyed playing with the soil, transferring it from the bag to a pot and then another pot…

Pruning roses


Nadya helped us in the yard this weekend. One of the things she did was pruning our roses. They are mature roses but hadn’t been pruned in many years so it was time to cut them back drastically. Nadya has a lot of experience with roses.

It’s nice to make progress on the yard. There are many more small projects we want to do but slowly but surely it’s truly becoming “our yard”.

Lawn repair kit


Our front-yard had a few patches where there wasn’t much grass. The yard closest to the house doesn’t get a lot of direct sunlight.

I bought a “lawn repair kit”, which is a mixture of grass seeds and fertilizer, mixed through paper pulp. It looks a little weird, but now a week later there are tiny sprouts of grass showing, so it seems to work.

It is nice to work on the yard, and take care of things like this.

Working in the backyard


We worked in the backyard yesterday. The weather was excellent and we bought several flowers and planters for our deck. It was a lot of fun and it looks nice. Now we’ll have to keep everything alive.

There is an empty patch of land in the middle of our yard. Last year the previous owners put a few small pansies, but the space is too big and deserve a nice bush. So we’re looking into what to put there. Maybe roses, or hydrangeas.

This was also the first weekend we use our umbrella — it’s getting very sunny already.

Christmas tree 2011


We decorated our Christmas tree tonight.

Picking up the plants from North Carolina


On Wednesday I made a round-trip to North Carolina to pick up our house plants.

I left DC at 8.30 am and just after lunch I dropped off my laptop at my old work. It was nice to say hello there, and we had coffee together. Then I drove to Esteban’s house in Durham; it was great to catch up. Our plants had stayed there for a week (thank you guys!).

Around 4.00 pm I left again, with the car full of our plants. There were eight plants in total, three small ones and five large. They filled the entire car and I couldn’t use the rear view mirror on the way home.

The plants survived the four hour journey pretty well, except for a few branches that were exposed to the sun at the rear window and got too hot and burned. The last two hours I put the air conditioning very cold, and I think that helped.

The plants are now in our home again, and they cheer up the apartment.

Christmas tree 2010 (3)


Yesterday evening I took down our Christmas tree.

We decorated the tree six weeks ago and it is still in amazingly good shape; hardly any needles came off when I took it outside.

In the afternoon I visited Petra and Ron for a nice cup of coffee.

Christmas tree 2010 (2)


Our Christmas tree this year.

We still have no top yet… next year!

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